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Readers comments...

"I didn't expect to love so much an illustrated book, but Peak Performance!!: Merging Spirituality and Success Principles was an eye opener! This book is perfect for those that are still trying to discover themselves." Mariuca Asavoaie


"After reading Peak Performance!!: Awaken & Achieve, I felt empowered to change things... It speaks about how to develop performance and habits that will allow you to live a happy and healthy life. The best part about this book that I loved so much was the fact that the author brought in information from multiple different perspectives including psychology, neuroscience, and spirituality." Celeste L.


Peak Performance!!: Invincible  "Helped me train my brain to become stronger and see a silver lining." Priyanka Athavale


Peak Performance!!: Personal Power  "... breaks down the walls we have built and reveals how we can rebuild our lives with authenticity and integrity. I ended with a renewed vision for goals I want to reach in my life and energy to make them happen, love it!" Jo Jo Maxson


Peak Performance: Attention "is a guidebook to help readers improve their lives through increasing your focus, creating new habits, and restructuring your days to bring about greater freedom and satisfaction... contains many leading questions that help the reader to go through a thorough process of self-assessment and evaluation." Faith Lee


Peak Performance!!: Wellbeing "Alan Sullivan, in his fantastic 'Peak Performance' series, offers his thoughts on how to live and live well. In this sixth entry into this series, he touches on the idea of well-being, a state where we become detached from the world and its demands and expectations. How better off could you be if you could live without stress? The Peak Performance series is really remarkable for setting the tone for creating change in your life." Amy Williams