Book 3: Peak Performance!! Invincible

Published on Amazon 2019



Become invincible and develop the attitudes and habits of a calm, bold, intrepid peak performer.

Invincibility depends on a sound mind, a sound body and the ability for self-control – which is derived from good habits such as mindfulness, a simple morning routine, scheduling, time blocking, daily intentions, a positive outlook and time spent in nature. It most definitely can be nurtured and it can also be lost without daily attention.

Living in an invincible state, is to be at once, both calm and bold. These moods are the antithesis of the state of anxiety (i.e. not feeling calm) or the state of depression (i.e. not feeling bold and ready to take on the world). And, our moods are impacted by various factors including our thoughts, behaviors, environment, health, sleep, sex, physiology, posture, exercise and diet or nutrition. Invincibility requires empowering beliefs, healthy desires and proper self-care that promotes wellbeing and readiness to face opportunities and threats.

In this book, we are looking at going beyond resilience to becoming “invincible” – a quality that we have described as “resilience combined with effective habits and lifestyle in a way that leads to both well-being and peak performance.”

More Details

Become invincible and live a charmed life of freedom, love and adventure!! A short book... and Book 3 in the Peak Performance series

Gain that elusive sense of invincibility, a crucial factor for personal success, love, meaning, happiness, fulfillment, health, joy and well-being.

Invincibility requires that cool confidence and solid security in oneself and one's ability – the capacity to cope with any situation – and, when faced with setbacks, to bounce back strongly.

Learn how to:

  • Choose your own reality
  • Focus on priorities and avoid distractions
  • Face fear more readily
  • Forgive the past
  • Avoid thought slavery and live in the present
  • Release guilt
  • Become more compassionate
  • Feel more abundant
  • Live life on your own terms
  • Love and appreciate life more
  • Develop great habits for self-care and productivity
  • Learn to live like a champion

This book sets you up to live a joyous life of love, joy, gratitude and success, lifting you to new horizons, as you develop the courage and capacity to expand and break through your old comfort zones. As you achieve more fulfilling things and worry less, a scintillating life of freedom, love and adventure awaits you.