Living in a Beautiful State

PEAK Performance!! WELL-BEING... Living in a Beautiful State

Book 6 in the Peak Performance series:

At some point in our lives, most of us encounter difficult circumstances by virtue of people or situations that cause us stress and suffering. In modern day language, people sometimes refer to “the matrix” as a metaphor for getting stuck in the demands of the world… be it society, materiality or cultures, and perhaps involving our work colleagues, family or friends. Buddhists have long referred to the Wheel of Samsara, an inevitable Wheel of Suffering that we experience as we progress from cradle to grave during our lifetime(s).

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could just detach from the world with all of its demands and expectations and live an outstanding life of freedom, love and adventure, without stress and suffering?

Well-being – living in a beautiful state – enables us to live relatively stress-free in so many ways. By way of example, this book will help you to increase your ability to:

  • Live in the present while at peace with the past
  • Become free of rumination
  • Identify and remain focused on your core purposes, values and strengths
  • Become forgiving, compassionate and grateful
  • Feel good about yourself and your life
  • Interact with others more effectively
  • Make wiser choices and decisions
  • Live consciously and deliberately
  • Adopt a simpler and healthier lifestyle
  • Engage your body, mind and soul holistically
  • Sleep more soundly
  • Love more deeply
  • See more clearly
  • Live with optimism and enthusiasm

The book is divided into 3 Parts:

Part 1: Happiness Now!

Part 2: Lifestyle

Part 3: Maintaining a Beautiful State

Learn about the emotional scales of Hicks' (Abraham), (Dr.) Hawkins ... and Hanh (Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk). Do the practices... and get the results.

And, learn about The Four Sacred Secrets of spiritual authors Preethaji and Khrishnaji, a book reviewed by Arianna Huffington, CEO of Thrive Global.

Benefit from the knowledge and practices provided, to live out, not simply a better version of you – in a world comprising more than 7 billion people that isn’t going to shift the needle or dial relatively speaking... but, rather, transform your life from the inside out. Indeed, herein lies the opportunity to reclaim your true authentic self that was there all the time under the noise of existence. As such, as you understand and embody the book’s contents, you will transform to experience well-being – living in a beautiful state.