Book 5: Peak Performance!! Attention

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Failure to pay attention to living out our lives purposefully and consciously is costing many of us dearly – be it our finances, relationships, health or career on the one hand, or our wellbeing, fulfillment and happiness on the other.

We need to learn how to shift away from the robotic activities, procrastination and bad habits that are limiting our ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

There are things you can do to strengthen your mindset, eliminate distractions and refocus attention.

Learn how to:

  • Know yourself more deeply and pay attention to what matters
  • Form new empowering habits and beliefs
  • Develop your values and strengths
  • Structure your days for freedom and satisfaction
  • Focus on the things that bring you joy
  • Live a life of beauty and excellence
  • Generate courage, optimism, persistence and mental strength
  • Live a full life of freedom, love and adventure

… and so much more

Benefit from tools for change and numerous self-coaching questions that will enable you to shape shift your life for maximum satisfaction.

If you’re ready to make some changes, and need some guidance, you're welcome to order your copy using the Amazon links above. The paperback version is recommended for ease of access and making use of the content.